HE IS WAITING TO LIFT YOU UP: Are you feeling weak? Are you stressed? Are you facing hardship? Are you sick? Are you hopeless? Are you not sure of your future? Are you having setbacks in life? Are you in tears and sadness? Is there no one willing to get you back on your feet? Is everything you touch not prospering? You do not have to look far Just fix your eyes on Jesus He is the Lord and Savior. Sometimes there are things we can not handle on our own. Sometimes we feel so broken down and all those around us can even ignore us. We will be in pain trying to look for the answer of our questions but no where to turn to. We soak ourselves in sorrow with no option on where to start from and how to start. Whenever we are in such a situation We have to realize that we are not alone. People can reject you. People can ignore helping you. People can turn their back on you. People can distance themselves away from you. But God will never leave you. God will never abandon you. God will always be there with you. You maybe in hardship right now You may be facing difficult situations right now You maybe unhappy right now You maybe confuse right now But only if you could get down on your knees and surrender all your situations in the hands of God then you will receive your deliverence! When we learn to depend on God All our tribulations will come to an end. God is a miracle working God. He has no happiness in watching His child suffers. So surrender yourself and your situation to him and i promise you that He will fix you and all your lost joy will be restored back! Wherever you are In whatever your doing Know that God loves you. He is ready to lift you up. He is ready to make you strong when your weak! Depend on him and He will never let you down! Those who look at God And depend on him fully will never be failures in life! Your not a failure. Just fix your eyes on God and He will provide all your needs in abundance according to his riches in Glory through Jesus Christ! Amen share to bless others



Ujinga Reloaded 😂😂😂: Ati wale wanawake ambao hukula mchanga na mawe wakiwa n ball ndio huzaa watoto wanaopenda kuongea matope😆😆😆😆 Teacher : Write a composition imagining that you are a KDF soldier at war in Somalia. Kevo : ( sleeping comfortably) Teacher : Kevo why are you not writing? Kevo : I was killed immediately 😁😁😁😁🙌🙌 Wakamba mtanimaliza aki. 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 Teacher: Mutinda, make a sentence using green , pink and yellow. Mutinda: My phone ring green green green, i pink it and say yellow!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Dunia isimame kwanza nishuke nicheke. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 *Kumbe bangi haina madhara yoyote bana,nimejaribu kupiga pafu tatu usiku huu na Niko vizur tu nimekaa juu ya tv naangalia masofa yangu,* Alafu wasee si nlienda kanisa, pastor akasoma from book of exodus. Mlevi mwingine akasimama, akaambia pastor, "yaani bado tuko exodus?? Pastor wengine wako revelation. Yesu atarudi akute hatujamaliza syllabus." Hapo ndo nkajua kwanini Jesus wept😂😂😂 Tulikuwa kwa club tunachapa keg Waiter akasema Kuna kikombe imepotea...Bouncer akasimama akafunga mlango..kisha akasema kama Kuna fans wa arsenal wasimame. Nilikuwa wa first kusimama. Mungu ni mkubwa imagine amesema mlango ifunguliwe fans wa arsenal watoke nje juu hawabebangi vikombe Sasa tunategea hapa nje tujue Nani mwizi😂😂😂😂😂😂💦 😂😂wavuta bangi wawili wakafika kwa stage ya train wakapata inaondoka.wakaikimbiza lakini mmoja akabahatika kupanda... mwenye alibaki akaachwa akicheka mpaka akaanguka....,watu wakamuliza kwanini unacheka na umeachwa??? akajibu akasema " mwenye amepanda amesahau ni mimi alikuwa anasindikiza......😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Wanaume Wengine aki sijui nikurogwa ama ni kulaaniwa... Dem Flani Muislamu Ameupload Selfie akiwa amevaa Buibui, nitumacho tu ndo tunaonekana alafu Nugu ingine iko kwa comment aty "wow cute Lips..." 😂😂😂😂😂 imewesaa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂ata nisiokotwe...najipeleka durstbin saii



You know everyone loves at least one (1) thing about you. Send this to your friends including me and find out what it is? WHAT DO YOU LOVE IN ME 1. I love your smile 2. I love your silence 3. I love your jealousy 4. I love your courage 5. I love your dress-sense 6. I love your eyes 7. I love your kindness 8. I love YOU 9. I love your hair 10. I love your Dimples 11. I love your personality 12. I love your perfection 13. I love your Independence. 14. I love your physique. 15. I love your charisma. 16. I love your Nose 17. I love your cuteness 18. I love your attitude 19. I love your generosity 20. I love your intelligence 21. I love your understanding 21. I love ur humbleness 22. I love your maturity 23. I love your innocence 24. I love your character 25. I love your nature 26. I love your friendship 27. I love your step 28. I love your teeth 29. I love your shape 30. I love the way you speak 31. I love your height. Answer me... WHAT DO YOU LOVE IN ME �BUT DONT FORGET YOU SHOULD SEND TO ALL ...? Even to people you are not talking to... You will find interesting answers.



Philippians 2:12, NKJ) Today's Word When you make Jesus the Lord of your life, some things will change in you immediately and other things will be worked out over time.. You may have addictions or sickness that you are instantly freed from, but yet, you may have wrong attitudes or other areas that are still in the process of changing. That’s because God is doing both a work in you and a work with you. He reveals His power to us and then gives us the opportunity to work with Him in the process of restoring and renewing our lives. You work out your salvation by obeying His Word and surrendering every area of your life to Him. You are working out your salvation when you choose to do the right thing, even when it’s difficult. You are working out your salvation when you stand strong and resist temptation. Remember, God is the one at work in you to give you the power to work out your salvation. He’s empowered you to overcome every obstacle! As you cultivate what He’s deposited within you, you’ll experience more of His power so you can live the life of victory He has in store for you! A Prayer for Today Heavenly Father, thank You for the work You are doing in my life. I choose to work with You so that I can live the life of victory You have prepared. Help me to be an example of Your love and faithfulness. In Jesus’ Name. Amen



A police Officer caught a drunk man having sex with a dead woman Police: Hey, how can u rape a dead person? Are u mad? Man: No constable am not mad, we both had an agreement. Police: What agreement? Man: Two (2) years back i asked this woman to have sex with me and she… Continue reading FUNNY COP



A House girl asked her madam to increase her salary. The madam ask her to give 3 reasons why she need her salary to be increased. * HOUSE GIRL :* I can cook better than you. MADAM:* Who told you that? HOUSE GIRL:* Your husband told me. MADAM:* Okay, second reason....! Fans for fb *… Continue reading FUNNY FAN FOR FANS

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but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.