BOY; knock knock knock

GIRL; opens the door

.BOY; Good afternoon baby?

GIRL; Afternoon darling… Is everything okay because I have never seen u coming here at my place.

BOY; I wanted to surprise you.

GIRL; No because you are always scared of my parents.

BOY; Where are your parents?

GIRL; They are all at the church

BOY; At what time are they coming back?

GIRL; Around 17:00hrs

BOY; OK I will come and talk to them later ( he knelt down and showed the girl a Ring and said) WILL YOU MARRY ME?

GIRL; She said nothing but only tears came out.

BOY; what’s wrong, I thought this would be a good news to you but all am seeing is you’re crying.

GIRL; I can’t marry you darling go find other woman who is better than me.

BOY; baby why are you saying so?

GIRL; I am HIV positive!!!

BOY; Brokes into tears and hold the hand and said.

 I love honey and I will marry you you weather HIV positive or negative I don’t care.

GIRL; I love you too darling and yes I will marry you

.The question isCan you marry someone who is HIV positive?



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