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I will eat of the good of the land because my spirit, Soul and Body are willing and obedient to the voice of the Spirit.

Daily, rivers of living waters gush out from the inside of me causing me and everything around me to multiply and spread.

I am well positioned in life, nothing works to my disadvantage.

All things are commanded to work together for my good.

Even the terrible situations around the world are working together for my good.

I do not go up to come down in life for there is only one path for me, the upward and forward life.

When I show up, life shows up.

The grace of God has increased in my life: it has amplified my voice and I am heard in places that matter. Glory to God!

• Keep saying it, don’t stop talking…!!


Weeping Only Endure In Night Then Joy Comes In The Morning.

His Hanger Only Lasts For A Moment But His Favour Endures Forever.

May The Favour Of The Lord God Be On You & Your Family.

Remember, you can make your way prosperous with words.



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